Getting More Regulars

One of the biggest problems webcam models have, these days, is getting regular clients. These are the viewers every cam girl or guy loves the most. They tip you often, they buy your content as soon as it comes out, they donate to your fundraisers, and they’re just amazing. A lot of models become close friends with some of their regulars, and I’ve even heard of cases where regulars have helped cam models get over depression, grief, and other personal hurdles. Basically, regulars rock, so you should want lots of them!


It’s easier said than done to get regulars, though, if you don’t know how to go about it, so I’m gonna briefly talk about some methods I’ve found to be effective. First of all, you have to get chatty with your viewers. Just open up and talk about your life when you’re camming. I mean, be careful not to reveal stuff that somebody could use to determine your identity, but basically just talk about your problems and issues in a safe way. When viewers see you do this, they start to look at you as a real person, and that’s the beginning of the regular-building process.

The second thing I like to do to find more regulars is expand my socializing beyond just my main cam sites. Snapchat and Periscope are great ways to find more fans, interact with them, and bring them into your community of close-knit online friends. Camming has gotten more competitive in recent years, so it’s more difficult to get large crowds in your cam room using solely the cam site’s traffic. Webcam models really need to build alternative traffic sources, and social media sites are really great for that.

Finally, be sure to communicate with your best tippers and show buyers offsite, meaning not solely on the cam site where you broadcast. Use Twitter, Skype, or email to engage your best regulars to chat about whatever and you’ll see that they become more loyal and end up spending way more on you than otherwise. Just keep in mind that regulars are basically friends, not just clients. You need to make them feel special and appreciated, then they will reciprocate in all sorts of awesome  ways!



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