Webcam Modeling Money

Okay, everybody’s always asking me about dollar figures, so I want to write a post that honestly lays out exactly how much different kinds of cam models can expect to make camming. The income potential in the webcam modeling business is truly amazing, but it’s not realistic to say that just anybody can achieve these massive monthly paychecks that a lot of agents and recruiters talk about.

First of all, in order to make over $10,000 per month, a camgirl really needs to be at least basically attractive. She doesn’t need to be a 10 at all, but she should be at least a 6 if she’s got a six-figure income on her mind. A lot of new girls to the camming business seem to think you need to be gorgeous and flawless to do really well as a webcam model, but that’s actually not true. Some of the most successful camgirls in the history of the industry have been plain janes, but they usually possessed great personalities. They were talkers, and super friendly. They got close to their regulars and developed strong relationships with them that allowed them collect megatips that would make you faint. Having said that, if you look like a frog, it most likely is not gonna happen.

So, yeah, to make the really big money in camming, you should be at least moderately attractive, not be overweight, and have a great personality. If you lack any of those qualities, don’t worry, you can still make excellent money, but you might need to lower your expectations a bit. BBW camgirls, for example, are a great and growing segment of the webcam modeling industry, and you can easily make $5,000 to $8,000 per month in that niche. There’s HUGE interest in super voluptuous girls right now, but it’s just that the really big tippers that make those $50,000 per month incomes you hear about possible are generally not into those kinds of girls.

And time in the industry matters a whole lot when talking about income potential. The more time a webcam model has been working her cam, the more she is likely to make. This is due to what I call “regular buildup,” which basically means that she has accumulated a large number of good tippers and show buyers who will reliably spend money on her. A camgirl with some seniority can really do well, if she’s been managing her regulars correctly.

Okay, that’s it for now, but stay tuned because I’ll soon be writing a post on how cam models can get huge really quick by using controversy to make a real splash. You’ll want to read that, trust me!


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