Becoming A Top Webcam Model

Most girls who are new to the camming business are often curious about how top models get to where they are, making tens of thousands of dollars per month and commanding fan legions numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Well, becoming an elite webcam model is actually not as difficult as you might think, but you do need a few key qualities if you expect to make it up there.

First of all, camming and being a cam model is really all about companionship, not really about porn or cheap sexual thrills. Girls who understand that crucial fact from the beginning are much more likely to climb to the top. Being personable and really focusing on building strong bonds of friendship with members is absolutely essential to creating the kind of regulars who will tip you into the stratosphere.

Secondly, even though camming is not primarily about graphic acts, you still need to remember that sexual charm is a big piece of the success puzzle. Using tease, flirtation, and visual stimulation can certainly help bigtime when you’re trying to get closer to regulars and tippers.

Also, exposure can be critical for any webcam model looking to shoot to the top of the industry. If there aren’t enough eyeballs on you, then you’re not going to build a following large enough to be able to climb high. One of the chief ways to get exposure, these days, is through social media. Now, it’s true that some models complain about having to work their social media accounts hard in order to attract fans, but for the most part, those girls are simply doing it wrong. If you use social media correctly and efficiently, you don’t actually have to devote more than an hour or two per day to it. And for that tiny amount of work, you can potentially see benefits that will floor you.

For example, I know a model who built up tens of thousands of followers on a live streaming app platform, and uses it to cultivate big spending regulars and gift givers. She’s done sessions where she gets over $1,000 worth of gifts off her Amazon wishlist by the time it’s over. And you know how much time she devotes to streaming on that platform? About 20 minutes per day!

So, clearly, the main things you need to keep in mind, if you want to go all the way in webcam modeling, are to remember that it’s about relationships, effectively using sexual charm, and exposure. Get seen, use sex appeal, and build strong bonds with the right members — that’s the way to cam yourself to the peak of the industry.


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