Webcam Modeling How-To

start-1426743_960_720The world of webcam modeling has never been so attractive for young people in need of a solid home-based income. No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find another industry that offers such great potential to make really good money so easily and entirely from the comfort of home.

The camming business is so easy to get started in, even your cat could do it if it were legal for felines. All you need to do is sign-up at a cam site, provide proof of age, and accept the model agreement. Once approved, you’ll be ready to start broadcasting and start making money on cam.

Most of the big camming sites, these days, use tokens as a form of currency. Members buy tokens from the site, then spend those tokens on models for things like flashes, dances, and private shows. When a camgirl gets “tipped” with tokens, or gets “taken private,” she will get paid tokens which are then redeemed as money at the end of the pay period. Checks usually go out every two weeks, for the previous pay period’s earnings.

The money spent by a member to buy tokens is split between the cam site and the cam model. Usually, the site will take about half, and the model will get the other half. If a camgirl is working for a webcam modeling studio, however, the studio will get the money first. The studio earning will deduct his or her share of revenue, then pay the rest to the cam model.

A webcam studio usually provides a physical location from which to broadcast, so that models who can’t cam from home will have a secure place to operate from. They will also typically provide computers, webcams, and promotional help for the model to take advantage of. Some webcam studios, however, do not provide any physical studio or equipment and rather offer cam model training and social media promotion services which can be very helpful for the purpose of launching new camgirl careers. These are usually called “virtual studios” or “digital studios” and will typically take less of a revenue cut from the cam model’s earnings.

When doing research on how to be a camgirl, it makes sense to carefully consider what kind of image you’d like to project so that you can decide on a promotion and brand strategy before getting started. Picking a unique and memorable name can be very important, as well, because you definitely want to establish a model brand that sticks with people. More on that in the next post!



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