Webcamming To Save

You know, one of the things that really irks me about a lot of camgirls is how so many of them refuse to save any of their money. When I first started camming, I was amazed at how much money I was making, and the first thing that occurred to me was that I should put away as much of it as I could for the future. Let’s face it, your prime earning years as a webcam model are really your early twenties. After that, you can still do well, but it’s not anywhere near as easy.

So, I did what a lot of people would do and put away a large percentage of my webcamming income. I figured I would sacrifice a little in terms of lifestyle for a couple years and buildup a nice kitty of money so that I could later finish college without having to go into too much debt. Things didn’t work out perfectly, as I ran into a lot of unforeseen expenses, but I did manage to end up with a solid amount of savings, and I was really proud of that.

This philosophy is not generally followed in the webcamming world, though, and I think that’s really unfortunate. A lot of the models I know make upwards of $8,000 per month, yet are constantly complaining about how they struggle to make rent, or can’t afford to take their pets to the vet. It really frustrates me when I see this, because I know exactly how they’re going to end up. Majorly BROKE!

I would strongly advice all new cam models to save at least 25% of everything you make camming. Just put it into a savings account and pretend like it’s not there. After a couple years, you will be VERY glad you did that, trust me!

Getting More Regulars

One of the biggest problems webcam models have, these days, is getting regular clients. These are the viewers every cam girl or guy loves the most. They tip you often, they buy your content as soon as it comes out, they donate to your fundraisers, and they’re just amazing. A lot of models become close friends with some of their regulars, and I’ve even heard of cases where regulars have helped cam models get over depression, grief, and other personal hurdles. Basically, regulars rock, so you should want lots of them!


It’s easier said than done to get regulars, though, if you don’t know how to go about it, so I’m gonna briefly talk about some methods I’ve found to be effective. First of all, you have to get chatty with your viewers. Just open up and talk about your life when you’re camming. I mean, be careful not to reveal stuff that somebody could use to determine your identity, but basically just talk about your problems and issues in a safe way. When viewers see you do this, they start to look at you as a real person, and that’s the beginning of the regular-building process.

The second thing I like to do to find more regulars is expand my socializing beyond just my main cam sites. Snapchat and Periscope are great ways to find more fans, interact with them, and bring them into your community of close-knit online friends. Camming has gotten more competitive in recent years, so it’s more difficult to get large crowds in your cam room using solely the cam site’s traffic. Webcam models really need to build alternative traffic sources, and social media sites are really great for that.

Finally, be sure to communicate with your best tippers and show buyers offsite, meaning not solely on the cam site where you broadcast. Use Twitter, Skype, or email to engage your best regulars to chat about whatever and you’ll see that they become more loyal and end up spending way more on you than otherwise. Just keep in mind that regulars are basically friends, not just clients. You need to make them feel special and appreciated, then they will reciprocate in all sorts of awesome  ways!


Webcam Modeling Money

Okay, everybody’s always asking me about dollar figures, so I want to write a post that honestly lays out exactly how much different kinds of cam models can expect to make camming. The income potential in the webcam modeling business is truly amazing, but it’s not realistic to say that just anybody can achieve these massive monthly paychecks that a lot of agents and recruiters talk about.

First of all, in order to make over $10,000 per month, a camgirl really needs to be at least basically attractive. She doesn’t need to be a 10 at all, but she should be at least a 6 if she’s got a six-figure income on her mind. A lot of new girls to the camming business seem to think you need to be gorgeous and flawless to do really well as a webcam model, but that’s actually not true. Some of the most successful camgirls in the history of the industry have been plain janes, but they usually possessed great personalities. They were talkers, and super friendly. They got close to their regulars and developed strong relationships with them that allowed them collect megatips that would make you faint. Having said that, if you look like a frog, it most likely is not gonna happen.

So, yeah, to make the really big money in camming, you should be at least moderately attractive, not be overweight, and have a great personality. If you lack any of those qualities, don’t worry, you can still make excellent money, but you might need to lower your expectations a bit. BBW camgirls, for example, are a great and growing segment of the webcam modeling industry, and you can easily make $5,000 to $8,000 per month in that niche. There’s HUGE interest in super voluptuous girls right now, but it’s just that the really big tippers that make those $50,000 per month incomes you hear about possible are generally not into those kinds of girls.

And time in the industry matters a whole lot when talking about income potential. The more time a webcam model has been working her cam, the more she is likely to make. This is due to what I call “regular buildup,” which basically means that she has accumulated a large number of good tippers and show buyers who will reliably spend money on her. A camgirl with some seniority can really do well, if she’s been managing her regulars correctly.

Okay, that’s it for now, but stay tuned because I’ll soon be writing a post on how cam models can get huge really quick by using controversy to make a real splash. You’ll want to read that, trust me!

Becoming A Top Webcam Model

Most girls who are new to the camming business are often curious about how top models get to where they are, making tens of thousands of dollars per month and commanding fan legions numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Well, becoming an elite webcam model is actually not as difficult as you might think, but you do need a few key qualities if you expect to make it up there.

First of all, camming and being a cam model is really all about companionship, not really about porn or cheap sexual thrills. Girls who understand that crucial fact from the beginning are much more likely to climb to the top. Being personable and really focusing on building strong bonds of friendship with members is absolutely essential to creating the kind of regulars who will tip you into the stratosphere.

Secondly, even though camming is not primarily about graphic acts, you still need to remember that sexual charm is a big piece of the success puzzle. Using tease, flirtation, and visual stimulation can certainly help bigtime when you’re trying to get closer to regulars and tippers.

Also, exposure can be critical for any webcam model looking to shoot to the top of the industry. If there aren’t enough eyeballs on you, then you’re not going to build a following large enough to be able to climb high. One of the chief ways to get exposure, these days, is through social media. Now, it’s true that some models complain about having to work their social media accounts hard in order to attract fans, but for the most part, those girls are simply doing it wrong. If you use social media correctly and efficiently, you don’t actually have to devote more than an hour or two per day to it. And for that tiny amount of work, you can potentially see benefits that will floor you.

For example, I know a model who built up tens of thousands of followers on a live streaming app platform, and uses it to cultivate big spending regulars and gift givers. She’s done sessions where she gets over $1,000 worth of gifts off her Amazon wishlist by the time it’s over. And you know how much time she devotes to streaming on that platform? About 20 minutes per day!

So, clearly, the main things you need to keep in mind, if you want to go all the way in webcam modeling, are to remember that it’s about relationships, effectively using sexual charm, and exposure. Get seen, use sex appeal, and build strong bonds with the right members — that’s the way to cam yourself to the peak of the industry.

Camgirl Branding

When a new webcam model enters the camming business, one of the first things she should do is go about establishing a great brand for herself. This is important because branding can attract exactly the kind of regular clients that cam models love the most — the kind that spend and tip like crazy.


If you think about it, it’s true in just about any field of enterprise. A solid brand will boost sales and promote loyalty like few other things can. Apple is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I have friends who simply will never even consider the possibility of using any kind of phone that isn’t an IPhone. They’re convinced that IPhones are just 1,000 times better than anything produced by any other company, even the competing high-end smartphone models. The reason for this is that Apple built an amazing brand with their IPhone line of products, and that has caused a brand loyalty that simply can’t be defeated or diminished. If the next IPhone were a complete piece of poo, people would still buy it up and love it regardless. That’s the power of awesome branding.

For a camgirl, building a brand is all about creating a specific kind of image and reinforcing it with a great name, graphics, events, special offers, and so forth. For example, a camgirl wanting to establish an image as a punk rock girl might choose a model name like “Rockette Pumps” or something similar. She might get some nice graphics done for her profile that play up the whole punk theme, and maybe even hold raffles where members could buy tickets to try to win her punk-styled panties or whatever.

Webcam modeling can be competitive, so you really want to give yourself every advantage you possibly can. A good branding effort will help you improve regular loyalty and could get you the kind of attention that could make you a superstar in the camming industry.

Webcam Modeling How-To

start-1426743_960_720The world of webcam modeling has never been so attractive for young people in need of a solid home-based income. No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find another industry that offers such great potential to make really good money so easily and entirely from the comfort of home.

The camming business is so easy to get started in, even your cat could do it if it were legal for felines. All you need to do is sign-up at a cam site, provide proof of age, and accept the model agreement. Once approved, you’ll be ready to start broadcasting and start making money on cam.

Most of the big camming sites, these days, use tokens as a form of currency. Members buy tokens from the site, then spend those tokens on models for things like flashes, dances, and private shows. When a camgirl gets “tipped” with tokens, or gets “taken private,” she will get paid tokens which are then redeemed as money at the end of the pay period. Checks usually go out every two weeks, for the previous pay period’s earnings.

The money spent by a member to buy tokens is split between the cam site and the cam model. Usually, the site will take about half, and the model will get the other half. If a camgirl is working for a webcam modeling studio, however, the studio will get the money first. The studio earning will deduct his or her share of revenue, then pay the rest to the cam model.

A webcam studio usually provides a physical location from which to broadcast, so that models who can’t cam from home will have a secure place to operate from. They will also typically provide computers, webcams, and promotional help for the model to take advantage of. Some webcam studios, however, do not provide any physical studio or equipment and rather offer cam model training and social media promotion services which can be very helpful for the purpose of launching new camgirl careers. These are usually called “virtual studios” or “digital studios” and will typically take less of a revenue cut from the cam model’s earnings.

When doing research on how to be a camgirl, it makes sense to carefully consider what kind of image you’d like to project so that you can decide on a promotion and brand strategy before getting started. Picking a unique and memorable name can be very important, as well, because you definitely want to establish a model brand that sticks with people. More on that in the next post!